Release Date for THE BLOOD KEY!

 It’s been a long time coming but THE BLOOD KEY is available for pre-order! Click HERE for the Amazon link. Click HERE for the Goodreads link. THE BLOOD KEY’s official release date for eBook and print is 11-30-2016. Here’s a fast rundown of Book One: ZENA SKALA is freed from an asylum at age eighteen […]

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Hope, Time and Writing.

In the beginning, I wrote with wonder. I wondered what the hell I was doing. I wondered how I was going to finish writing my book. I wondered if I was any good at all. (And still, I happily ground myself on the sandpaper of writing because it was exciting to push on the inside […]

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Dueling Ideas.

I swear my ideas are going to set each other’s flags on fire. What could be the problem with this? Well, let’s see, here are some thoughts: I’m trying to finish one novel while fending off the impatient mutterings and threats of another novel. (THE BLOOD KEY still needs editing and I won’t release it […]

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Living in the moment.

Tragedy. Noun. An event resulting in great loss and misfortune. Drama in which the protagonist is overcome by some superior force or circumstance; excites terror or pity. Social media can be a beautiful tool to bring us together. It can also be a tragedy overload that bloats us with the most horrible events and happenings […]

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